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Game On: Engaging the Ever-Growing Casual Gaming Audience with Rewarded Video Ads

With casual gaming advertising — particularly the high-performing rewarded video ad format — smartclip offers a powerful, brand-safe, and effective way for companies to reach their potential customers with targeted, scalable campaigns. In this white paper, smartclip aims to ensure the opportunities presented by casual gaming advertising are accessible to all, sharing the insight, expertise, and knowledge needed to take any campaign to the next level.

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”With gaming inventory about to become more accessible than ever and countless advertising opportunities available, we believe that now is the time for all advertisers, no matter what sector they are in, to shed any outdated stereotypes or preconceived notions about gaming.“
Thomas Servatius,
Co-CEO & Managing Director
smartclip Europe

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  • Explore how gaming and gamers have changed, and how casual gamers are people from all demographics, playing accessible games, on any device, at any time.
  • Learn more about gaming advertising and the ad formats available — including the high-performing rewarded video ad format — and how to maximise the success of campaigns.
  • Discover more about the advanced adtech solutions available.
  • Find out why common gaming misconceptions are no longer valid.
  • Get valuable insight via exclusive contributions from industry executives and real-world data from smartclip’s smartx platform.


”Gaming publishers know a lot about their users. Through login data they have information about gender, age, genres, devices, operating systems, etc. This information minimises scattering loss and ensures ads reach the relevant target group “

Anja Junold, Team Lead Digital & Business Strategy
media plan GmbH

“Video ads are the strongest performing formats and create the richest engagement. We find the A35-64 audience to be the highest engagement group, and the one most likely to react positively to advertising.”

Grig Paul Petrescu, Programmatic Operations Manager – Gameloft for Brands

“There has never been more attention on gaming than right
now. And for good reason. Gaming provides a sense of
purpose, connection, and interactivity unlike any other entertainment medium.”

Jordan Shlachter, Head of Research
Activision Blizzard Media

“Gamers are not a singular demographic but a highly diverse and complex audience.”

Ari Brandt, Global VP
IronSource Exchange

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