Addressable TV
Advertising 2022

New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences

smartclip enables international advertisers to tap into rich, anonymised TV data, analyse and segment target audiences based on viewing behaviour, and deliver targeted, one-to-one, real-time TV advertisements into the linear TV stream. In this white paper, advertisers can find a detailed overview of the latest Addressable TV advertising developments across Europe and learn more about how to successfully apply Addressable TV in order to reach campaign goals.

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“Now is the time for advertisers to leverage the opportunities created by ATV. Brands and agencies must be willing to invest and experiment with ATV advertising in order to continue pushing ATV innovation forward. We encourage you to take an active part in shaping the future of our industry.”
Dr Oliver Vesper, Co-CEO & Managing Director

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What is covered in the white paper?

  • Learn what ATV is from a tech vs. media sales perspective
  • Gain insight into the state of ATV advertising across Europe
  • Discover why all types of advertisers benefit from ATV advertising
  • Learn how to buy and apply ATV advertising
  • Gain access to diverse case studies


“While Addressable TV offers benefits to all of our clients’ media strategies, the medium has become noticeably attractive to typical “online” brands (…) Generally, by nature, smart TV users have a high digital affinity. Advertising on the big TV screen — in the lean-back consumption mode — is highly effective and especially essential for brand awareness campaigns of digital advertisers.”

Lidija Zickar, Director Media Consulting

“There is definitely an opportunity for Addressable TV in both the linear and BVOD space because of the clear uplifts TV content brings to advertisers. I expect the medium’s popularity to grow and attract advertisers who have focused budgets on display and OLV particularly.”

Nick Ashley, Head of Media and Campaign Planning

“Addressable TV is important to our media strategy because it fulfils one of the objectives that we pursue in our company: we put the consumer at the centre. Knowing if the cross-device user has watched the advertisement on TV or mobile devices helps us to expand our reach, control the frequency, and therefore also the message that we want to convey.”

Ana María Alonso López, Media and Research Manager
Masmovil Group

“As part of our integrated omnichannel communications, ATV is important because it grants the possibility to be more efficient in terms of targeting, mostly where a budget limit could otherwise prevent TV advertisement.”

Michele Petrilli & Giulio Bacherini, Digital & Social Engagement Section Manager; Advertising & Media Coordinator

“We benefited from the ability to reach intended viewers in a targeted manner via ATV, in addition to the wide-reaching medium of TV.”

Laura van den Boom, Brand Manager iglo fish fingers

“The main advantages of ATV include that it allows us to create a holistic strategy to get closer to the consumer while we can control our messaging, the moments of contact, and overall coverage in a much more efficient way. This transforms into immediate savings in the media planning for our clients.”

Marina Huergo, Account Director
Spark Foundry

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