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Advertising 2020

The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe

A thorough analysis of the state of Addressable TV (ATV) advertising across Europe, with emphasis on the opportunities that smartclip’s ATV solutions provide to European broadcasters. We bundle our findings with insights captured from interviews with senior industry executives — including members of RTL Group, Atresmedia, M6 Publicité, Discovery Inc, RTL AdConnect, and Ad Alliance — who provide details on ATV trends and opportunities, hurdles, and future projections for TV markets across Europe.

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“The time is now. Traditional broadcast TV has an opportunity to maintain its position as the world’s most effective advertising medium.”
Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV
smartclip (RTL AdAlliance)

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  • ATV Advertising Unpacked
  • ATV Solutions for European Broadcasters
  • State of ATV advertising across Europe
  • Insights from interviews with industry experts


“Since 2015, smartclip has been on the forefront of digital TV advertising. In 2016, we became part of the RTL Group, a true partner that shares our vision of a broadcaster-controlled path to a digitally empowered TV ad product portfolio. HbbTV has proven its pivotal role as an open standard for a non-monopolised advertising ecosystem. We are proud to be one of the driving forces of that vision, together with our manifold European partners”

Thomas Servatius, Co-CEO & Managing Director
smartclip Europe

“German broadcasters benefit significantly from the growth
of Addressable TV, as it is the most effective way to counter digital giants. The combination of TV reach and digital infrastructure is the foundation for a true cross-device strategy — a powerful USP. Broadcasters also benefit from additional revenues as ATV advertising lowers entry barriers for regional and small business clients.”

Dr. Oliver Vesper, Co-CEO & Managing Director
smartclip Europe

“Due to a strong regulation preventing TV broadcasters from operating Addressable TV in France, U.S. digital giants have captured significant revenues, especially on local budgets. With the expected evolution of the regulation, TV broadcasters have a great opportunity of bringing back these budgets, to an advertising environment that is premium quality, brand-safe and now addressable. This is a great step for the TV industry to gain back a competitive advantage over foreign players.”

Hortense Thomine-Desmazures, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Digital
M6 Publicité

“ATV solutions represent an incredible opportunity for our international clients willing to communicate locally in a highly premium and brand-safe environment. This will allow them to hyper-target their campaign, gain huge efficiency and propose a better advertising experience to their customers.”

Stéphane Coruble, Managing Director
RTL AdConnect (RTL AdAlliance)

“There is an immediate need to modernise TV advertising strategies, and we see Addressable TV advertising as a way forward. With the recent advances surrounding HbbTV in Spain — such as new legislation forcing TV devices to be HbbTV 2.0 compliant and the launch of the first Addressable TV advertising campaigns in Q4 2019 — we believe 2020 will be an inflection point for ATV in the Spanish market.”

Arturo Larraínzar, Strategy Director

“Addressable TV at scale is now within the grasp of all broadcasters. If owning your own set-top-box tech was the price of entry before, the advent of HbbTV has significantly altered the landscape and the technology required, fundamentally changing the type of players who can take part. Alongside smart TV tech such as that used in the U.S. in Project OAR, we’re now at advent of an addressable TV age in which all broadcasters can play a part. This is a step change that puts broadcasters in the driver’s seat for delivering game-changing addressable solutions.”

David Fisher, Vice President of Advanced Advertising
Discovery Inc

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