Engineering Department

Tobias Wolff, Vice President Engineering

Maintaining and building out innovative platform features 

We combine engineering and data science activities within smartclip, and are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the smartx platform. Our work is crucial for meeting our company’s strategic goals and sustaining our competitive edge in the market. We differ from System Operations in terms of “engine vs. electronics”. That is, while SysOps is maintaining the engine, engineering is maintaining and building out the electronics. Our team is dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients and stakeholders while ensuring system stability and maintainability.

What you can expect.

To thrive in our department, it is important to be open-minded, motivated, curious, and willing to learn and share knowledge. Additionally, taking responsibility for your work and not just striving for any solution but optimal ones is highly valued. Although our engineers and data scientists mainly work remotely, those residing near Berlin, Hamburg, or Gütersloh have the opportunity to gather in the office on a regular basis.

Meet your manager.

Hi, I’m Tobias, and I oversee the Engineering Department at smartclip. Loyal and trustworthy best define me as a manager. I enjoy consulting, collaborating, and coaching people — and encouraging others to do the same. I aim to pass on my knowledge and empower my team to try new projects. Tune in if you’re keen to learn more.

How our department is organised.

The UI Engineering team is responsible for developing user-friendly products and interfaces that enable seamless workflows for our clients. They focus on creating intuitive and efficient tools for various tasks, such as campaign and inventory management, reporting, targeting segment creation, live data monitoring, and forecasting. By prioritising usability and functionality, the team ensures that our clients have a smooth and streamlined experience when utilising our platform’s user interface.

The SDK & Framework Engineering Team is responsible for developing the software development kits (SDKs) that enable seamless integration of our platform into various video players used by publishers. Their work is challenging as it involves ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to TVs. The team develops different SDKs for HTML and JavaScript web environments as well as for native Android and iOS, and HbbTV. They also focus on creating robust and adaptable SDKs that provide a consistent experience for both broadcasters and publishers — regardless of the device they are using — enabling smooth integration and optimal functionality.

The Data Engineering Team plays a pivotal role in smartclip, as they are responsible for comprehensive data collection and processing. They design, build, and maintain reliable and efficient data pipelines to transform raw data into meaningful aggregations, making the information available for analysis and reporting purposes in various parts of the smartx platform.

The colleagues responsible for our Forecasting products collaborate closely with the Data Science department, working on new features, improving the infrastructure, and projecting future inventory availability by analysing log files and leveraging prediction models. 

Additionally, part of the team focuses on processing TV data received via HbbTV, which includes audience shares, device aggregation, and EPG data for identifying high-performing shows. They also maintain the backend of the TV DMP ensuring seamless integration with the data science efforts. 

In addition to the engineering tasks, the team also includes Data Analysts who design data models, support in developing the product strategy, and run custom analysis based on smartclip’s data assets.

Fearlessness towards big data is essential for thriving in this team.

The Ad Delivery Engineering Team operates in a covert world of trust and quirky humour. From hiding the number 42 in our source code (Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy fanatics? Perhaps) to the classic “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”. All jokes aside, our team specialises in creating and managing crucial components that facilitate sophisticated ad decision logic, including connections to our demand partners for ad delivery. They are responsible for developing components capable of processing real-time ad decisioning on the smartclip platform. The team plays a vital role in driving the success of advertising campaigns by ensuring timely and accurate ad delivery to the intended audience.

The API Engineering Team is dedicated to creating robust and versatile APIs that enable our customers to interact seamlessly with our products. They ensure that almost all functionalities available through the user interface can also be accessed and automated via APIs, enabling clients to connect our product with their preferred tools (e.g. Nautilus for AdAlliance planning). Additionally, the team focuses on integrating external APIs, such as Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) or Data Management Platforms (DMPs), into our system, facilitating a smooth and efficient exchange of data and services. Their work is essential in providing flexible and comprehensive solutions to our clients while enhancing our platform’s overall functionality and interoperability.Engineering Department | smartclip

Our tools.
These are a few of our favourite things…

“Something I really appreciate about smartclip is the progressive and flexible work environment. Regardless of what pops up in life, they’re always understanding and accommodating — something I never take for granted.”

Tim Hoehne, Software Engineer
smartclip Europe

“smartclip’s flexibility and encouragement of curiosity makes my job as an SDK engineer easier. My colleagues and I have created a great team atmosphere which makes overcoming obstacles easier and the day’s work enjoyable.”

Felix Koch, Head of SDK & Framework Engineering
smartclip Europe
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