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Helping our teams build products that endure

The central objective of the Architecture Department is to foster and promote best practices that ensure the resilience and timeless utility of our products. We challenge the status quo by encouraging teams to question their strategies and solutions thoroughly — critically assessing their actions, potential impacts on other teams, and future viability. As consultants, we act as a knowledge bridge across the entire organisation, drawing from a comprehensive understanding of common challenges faced by different teams. We step in to offer fresh perspectives and identify innovative solutions that may not be apparent within the limited scope of smaller teams. In a micro-service environment, we guide teams towards elegant, efficient, and lasting solutions that better stand the test of time.

Our working philosophy.

Open source is one of our core philosophies, enabling us to remain in control. Our teams need to understand exactly how the code within our entire platform works in order to be able to further develop or fix issues. This is only possible if the source code is openly available. Using closed source would prevent deep dives into the source code and would always require assistance by a third party.

We try to encourage our teams to be as independent as possible. That’s why our platform adopts a micro-service architecture, eliminating the limitations of a monolithic structure. Instead, we leverage a collection of loosely coupled services, each operating with independent lifecycles. This empowers teams to develop, modify, and deploy services autonomously, without the need to redeploy the entire platform in case of a small component issue. By enabling teams to deploy at their own pace, we encourage independence and cultivate a culture of agility and innovation throughout the organisation.

Our team constantly strives to foster the long-term stability of our technology. Unlike many companies that stick to outdated versions as long as their systems remain stable, we embrace progress and the cutting-edge. Staying up-to-date is of paramount importance to us, and we genuinely strive to update and adapt our existing code whenever a new version of a library or tool becomes available. This requires extra effort, but it ensures that we remain at the forefront of our industry

“As an architect at smartclip, the most interesting and challenging task is to avoid complexity before its formation. Simplicity and openness are key factors for enabling all teams to focus on creating immediate business value.”

Kaya Kupferschmidt, Senior IT Architect
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