Business Products

Ad Platform Department

Gloria Eichler, Chief Product Officer

Challenging the status quo.

We are a dynamic and versatile group that takes ownership of smartx — our proprietary ad platform. As we operate within a highly competitive category, we strive not only to create products that merely fulfil generic requirements or imitate existing market offerings. Our primary focus is on disrupting the status quo and surpassing our clients’ needs by delivering innovative solutions that set us apart from the rest. Our business product owners ensure that requirements are properly defined and that the right solutions are built and utilised to their fullest. Together, our team drives the success and growth of our products by delivering exceptional value while meeting the needs of our clients.

Our philosophy.

We acknowledge that oftentimes failure comes before success, and therefore practise a fail-friendly culture. This idea of failing forward gives us the courage to try new things as well as learn from both our successes and failures. In our team, everyone has the autonomy to take charge of their own projects and are encouraged to stand up and say “no” when needed, even to stakeholders. We believe in working together and not only look for people with great skills but also those who can fit in well with our team spirit.

How our department is organised.

The Supply Management team is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and exceeding adtech market standards 
  • Full-funnel, flexible, and data-driven inventory management
  • Individual technical solutions and products enabling publishers and broadcaster to achieve their monetisation and business goals in an efficient manner
  • Transparent and fully controllable integration and partnership management
  • Consultancy and collaboration on the short-term challenges as well as on long-term strategic projects

The Demand Management Team oversees all demand-related tools in our platform. This includes all products related to IO and programmatic delivery, such as optimisation tools, demand integration, and forecasting. Additionally, our team oversees all demand-side requirements within our platform (e.g. DSPs, DMPs, APIs, etc.).

We also manage demand products such as Vegan Ads — a proprietary smartx platform feature that enables publishers to monetise inventory without accessing personally identifiable information.

Ultimately our team tries to strike a balance between satisfying our customer’s immediate needs while creating products that disrupt the status quo. In doing so, we aim to make our products even more valuable for our users.

The Reporting Team is committed to providing cutting-edge tools that enable the analysis of relevant ad server and SSP data for our valued customers and partners, as well as internal departments. Data is available for our customers via a user-friendly UI as well as via APIs, which are continuously expanded and improved by the team. Through structured aggregation, a wide variety of data can be combined, retrieved, and visualised — enabling targeted and comprehensive data analysis. By connecting additional partners, this data is enriched with valuable key figures (e.g. viewability, IVT, etc.). Our reporting tool is designed to handle large amounts of data while being flexible and easy to use.

We strive to give clients a high-level business and performance overview while also providing them with access to granular data such as revenue, performance, and other critical metrics. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver actionable insights that empower our clients to manage and optimise their ad business efficiently.

“We have the drive and courage not to play by the rules. We take frameworks and customise them to fit us. As a company, smartclip is flexible.”

Ekaterina Beck, Business Product Manager – Supply
smartclip Europe

“Although I enjoy the constant challenge of innovating according to customer requests, market trends, and technological requirements, the people, team cohesion, and working atmosphere are really what make smartclip a great place to work.”

Anne Lusczyk, Senior Business Product Manager
smartclip Europe

“I’ve been at smartclip for 12 years and can confidently say that a large part of what’s kept me around this long is their respect for employees’ personal lives. They’ve always been so flexible which has made combining work and family life easy.”

Lisa Hohler, Senior Business Product Manager – Demand Management
smartclip Europe

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