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Reach local audiences across platforms and devices

With or without cookies, we know where to find your audience and scale your ad delivery — while optimising for your KPIs.

Connect to premium European inventory on digital and TV

Capture the full potential of video advertising

Our Total Video solution is a full-funnel approach that enables advertisers to leverage online video, Connected TV, and Addressable TV to reach target consumers across all platforms and devices.

The highest standards of brand safety and transparency — guaranteed

We employ an elaborate control system of quality assurance and ad verification.

Buy the way you want to buy

Our true holistic tech infrastructure enables advertisers to reap the benefits of both traditional direct and programmatic buying. With local sales experts in each market, we’re available to help you capture the full potential of video advertising.

Connected to all local and global heroes

We take a quality-first approach when selecting DSP partners.

Take advantage of ad formats that drive engagement

We put the user experience at the forefront of our advertising solutions. Our customisable media player and diverse ad formats — spanning In-Stream, Out-Stream, Connected TV, Addressable TV, and gaming — guarantee visibility and action in a way that respects the end consumer.

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Addressable TV Advertising 2022
Addressable TV Advertising 2022


Addressable TV Advertising 2022

Gain insight into the latest Addressable TV advertising developments across Europe, and learn more about how to successfully buy and apply Addressable TV advertising to reach your campaign goals.

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