Hey smartclippers,

Someone better call Paul Hollywood because we’ve been baking up a storm in the smartKitchen, whipping out cookieless treats that are sure to dazzle even the toughest of pastry judges (all while withstanding the looming cookiepocalypse 😱). 

“Sync” your spoon into this 🥄 …

This next sweet treat is all about our ability to use external identifiers to import data from data management platforms (DMPs). External identifiers are IDs that have been assigned to a user by an external source, (for example publishers, ID vendors, or mobile IDs) that can now be used to import data from DMPs. These DMPs hold datasets that contain user information that smartclip does not have (or will not have once the third-party cookie is deprecated… RIP). Using external identifiers to achieve the DMP sync is a streamlined way to enrich our own data, providing us with a lot more information than if we used our data alone. 

The icing on top 

This future-proof functionality gives us a more reliable way to recognise users, all while aligning with the IAB initiative for CTV/OTT Device and App Identification and our smartclip ATV solutions. It will make external data available to all distribution channels as well as improve the sync rate between publishers and DSPs by supplying more external IDs along with bid requests. 

That means that while being able to import DMP data isn’t the end-all solution to the third-party cookie deprecation, it is a key ingredient that allows us to continue to recognise and process user information while protecting user privacy. 

Yours in product updates and being the designated taste tester for all the cookieless treats,

smartclip Product Marketing Team