Hey there smartx-ers,

This is officially the last product newsletter of what experts are calling the weirdest year ever. But, we made it together, all while being apart!

We laughed, we cried, we rolled out a record number of new products while not wearing any pants (we overused pants jokes), our pets are fed up with us, and if we had a euro for every time we heard “you’re on mute,” we’d be richer than Jeff Bezos and his ex wife put together. 

That being said, we wish you a holly, jolly end to 2020 and will see you in your inbox next year!

The Advertisers tab is coming to town 🎅

We’re wrapping up the year with another feature meant to simplify the programmatic deal setup process! Tomorrow, you will notice a new Advertisers tab, which will allow users to assign advertisers to specific seats for programmatic deals. 

Advertisers that are part of the selected marketplaces of the seat will appear on the Available side. Users can simply move the advertiser to the Selected side and click Apply, as is done in other parts of the platform.

While this new feature does not have an effect on deal setup quite yet, it will eventually make it easier to select a predefined advertiser when setting up a Demand Business Rule.

The most wonderful Out-Stream player version of the year🎄

We recently updated the SDK in the corest way possible to version 5.2. This has upgraded our Out-Stream player to version 5.2 as well. The newest version includes support for INVENTORYSTATE and MEDIAMIME macros in the ad request.

The new player version has already been tested by our smartclip team who will be handling the deployment into live service. Inventory already using Out-Stream Player 5 will be updated in the coming weeks, while inventory that is still using the previous Out-Stream Player 4 will not be migrated to version 5 until 2021.

Yours in smartx updates and making a list of cheesy Christmas movies to binge-watch during Christmas lockdown vacation,

smartclip Product Marketing Team